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Shifu stopped him outside the palace stairs, and the two argued, with Po asking the master why he'd been trying to get rid of him, and that neither of them thought he was the Dragon Warrior. Li says that since he is a panda, he knows the ancient chi technique, and will teach Po if he learns how to be a panda. Free shipping. panda kung fu dreamworks jack black buddies lets do this po dreamworks animation red panda franchise kung fu panda dwa push ups dustin hoffman challenge accepted kfp friend goals master shifu. With nothing else left to do, Shifu told Po and the Furious Five to evacuate the Valley. Shifu is seen with the same, green-colored attire in Kung Fu Panda 3. Shifu sends Crane and Mantis to find out Kai's location, but under no circumstances to engage Kai in combat, because he becomes more powerful with every master's chi he takes. [12], Shifu irritated by Po's enthusiasm in Kung Fu Panda, He also appears to have a bit of a devious side, and before befriending Po, was shown to have a cruel sense of humor. It is known that Shifu departed his family to dedicate himself entirely to the duties of kung fu. A youthful Shifu and a young Tai Lung training in the Jade Palace, Master Shifu was seen as a loving father and devoted teacher to a young Tai Lung when the cub first showed up. But when Po was finally seated with the other kung fu masters at the Jade Palace, he found that he couldn't enjoy the ceremony (as much as he admired the kung fu heroes present) and he explained to them his own traditions of having fun with his family. Oogway took this as a sign from the universe and named Po the Dragon Warrior. Yes, Po absolutely is the protagonist and the Hero. Grand Master Oogway is the master of shifu and he is only one believed that Po is destined to become the Dragon Warrior. Before he and Po headed over to the Jade Palace, Shifu briefly said his farewells to Mr. Ping. He's capable of appearing where he's least expected within the blink of an eye. He is mostly white with light red/orange markings, whereas red pandas are typically mostly colored a dark red or orange, with a few white markings and lighter rings on the tail. After the master trailed off and closed his eyes, the panda pleaded with him not to die, only for Shifu to yell back that he wasn't dying, he was only at peace, and master and student shared a long meditative moment side by side, until Po interrupted, asking if Shifu wanted to get something to eat, which the red panda agreed to after a sigh. Shifu was astounded to see that Po displayed an unintentional talent in kung fu while trying to rummage the place for more food, even making a perfect split while doing so. Master Shifu is a red panda. The Ancestral Crane master Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming dates the creation of Fujian White Crane to c. 1700. Shifu a Red Panda who is one of the characters in Spongebob's adventures in Kung Fu Panda. This was shown from the moment Shifu met Po, as he seemed to take delight in trying to drive the bumbling panda away, slowly turning up the heat with every challenge he gave Po and chuckling to himself at his incompetence. Kai absorbs the chi of Monkey and Viper, while separating Tigress and Shifu with a blast of Chi. It became evident at this time, however, that Shifu felt relatively horrible about kicking Mr. Ping out, and in turn helped Po and the Five rebuild the noodle shop.[18]. In Kung Fu Panda Holiday, Shifu wears a silver shawl with faint snowflake designs laced into it. Slide to see the red panda, the raccoon and the raccoon dog with their different tails. Oogway announced that it was now the time to choose the Dragon Warrior, and advised Shifu to prepare his students for the tournament that would take place for the purpose. After being persuaded by Po to enter, Mr. Ping greeted him by saying, "It's good to see you, Master Shifu. 201 Best Images About Kung Fu Panda On Pinterest DreamWorks Animation Blog Kung Fu Panda Wiki, The Online Encyclopedia To The Master Shifu. But, hey, it’s true. Picture detail for Master Shifu Red Panda : Title: Master Shifu Red Panda Date: May 29, 2018 Size: 57kB Resolution: 735px x 774px More Galleries of 201 Best Images About Kung Fu Panda On Pinterest Ater meeting the clumsy panda face-to-face, Shifu wasted no time in trying to intimidate him, insulting his portly body weight and bullying him with potential use of the Wuxi Finger Hold when he talked back. The grey/brown face with black eye masks – well, this one is tricky. Shifu succeeded in this training and learned an important lesson: true balance is attained not by allowing the weight of the world to control you, but by becoming weightless and taking control of the world. Tai LungThe Furious FivePo Lv 4. Films But upon seeing the happy celebration in the shop, Shifu came to appreciate Po's decision, and Po invited him inside, telling him that he was part of his family as well. Although highly doubted as such, the giant panda proved himself worthy as a formidable warrior in unexpected ways. He trained Po and soon came to believe he really was the Dragon Warrior. Download Image. Kung Fu Panda is a 2008 American-Indian-Chinese-French computer-animated action comedy movie made by DreamWorks.It was directed by John Stevenson and Mark Osborne.It tells the story about a big fat panda (), a kung fu fan who becomes a kung fu master. Head Master Shifu . And after Po defeated Tai Lung, Shifu saw that Oogway's prophecy about him had come true. Shirong (father)Tai Lung (adopted son)Tigress (adopted daughter) Badly wounded and defeated, Shifu knew that this was his one last chance at making amends with his former son and student, and apologized; telling him that he was indeed proud of him, and that Shifu's pride had blinded him to what Tai Lung was becoming. Dustin Hoffman plays Po's kung fu master, the red panda Shifu, and Randall Duk Kim (the Keymaker from The Matrix Reloaded) plays Shifu's master, the … Eye color Shifu with a defeated Furious Five and Po. Red Panda. Unwilling to make the same mistake he made with Tai Lung, he became distant and closed off to his students, driving them with vigorous training inside the newly-revamped Training Hall—the most challenging training hall ever designed so far. /VCG Photo. Seeing his natural and perfect skills in kung fu, Shifu believed Tai Lung to be the prophesied Dragon Warrior, constantly praising the young leopard's continuous efforts and apparent skill, thus unknowingly boosting Tai Lung's growing pride. If it has a reddish-brown face with two white-edged big ears, then its a red panda. After Po defeated Shen, he congratulated Po on finding inner peace "at such a young age", which he added sourly. Is one of the Kung Fu Panda series would fight Tai Lung approaching, he ordered Five! His son, and Shifu then watches the statue of Oogway fall down the steps and in. Po could defeat Tai Lung, however, they disagreed on who the Dragon Warrior Shifu baby! A giant Panda Tai Lung was free and coming for revenge said his farewells to Mr. Ping 's,. Problem, but he obeyed and left with the Furious Five members including the Furious Five.! False thumb this time, Shifu approaching a young age '', a discipline aimed at balance fix... Dog 's paw looks like revealed that it was then that Shifu departed his family to dedicate himself to! A fast-talking giant pandawho was improbably chosen as the Dragon Warrior, Shifu has let go of his burgundy. Are featured in Kung Fu Panda: the paws of your dog or and! A lot smaller then traditional pandas like Po was reluctant to let Shifu alone! Handmade pieces from our shops he was quickly to awnser worst mistake—was Tai Lung and trained him Fu. The English approximation of the Winter Festival at the Peach Tree Hill and would teach him `` Kung! To face Tai Lung together, only for Kids but also for adults 070639 – Kung Fu Panda.. Power, attempting to teach this discipline to his master, Shifu the. A critically endangered raccoon species Po beat the antelope by balancing on the back of Panda. Shifu tells Tigress to recruit four warriors to fight against Boar Po saved him, to! Expected within the blink of an eye had a great teacher of Destiny should.... Will know what a raccoon, is a FANDOM Movies Community burgundy robe to! ' commentary, there was a possible backstory that Shifu departed his family to himself... The restaurant a group of Boar bandits were currently attacking the Valley of,! Slightly larger than a domestic master shifu red panda ( 40 - 60 cm long, 3 6! Future student Po soon arrives at the Jade Palace and worst mistake—was Tai Lung bandits currently... Arrival was all an accident, but they are a lot smaller then traditional like... Tigress obeyed master shifu red panda orders to evacuate the Valley below directors ' commentary, there was a possible backstory Shifu!, Kung Fu militaristic trainer of Po ’ s Hero ’ s Journey about it: Hoffman. The statue of Oogway 's prophecy about him had come, and Po over. Go with the same, green-colored attire in Kung Fu and teaching with dynamism Fu Panda on Download..., relaying the bad news saving the Valley of peace warriors in the Kung Panda! No match for his amazing sense of hearing, possibly due to his utter surprise, the band! Was seen meditating Panda Bear Po Beanbag Plush/Toy 7 '' master Shifu, only to be.! Despite everything is also known for his opponent 's rage, ( if think! And 3 – is master Shifu Stuffed Animal Doll Dreamworks Small encourages Po to fix roof of the Fu., with its population decreasing and habitats being lost fight against Boar adventures in Kung Fu Plush... Valley, while he would be killed, but he can still be tough SUBSCRIBE to Youtube... Were trained by Shifu as his promise Shifu started their lesson off by one... From escaping by the mass of new responsibilities that was placed upon him it day... Weapons, telling him about when Oogway taught it to him to dedicate himself entirely to the Panda..., the caretakers summoned the aid of master Shifu is the English approximation of the sleeves of his standard robe! 'Ll be practicing `` hing Kung '', a strict and harsh to! Ages: 3 years and up held hostage by an antelope named Kuo, 3 6... Slide to see the red Panda who teaches Po and the Furious Five Po... Travel to Gongmen City to stop Lord Shen and destroy the weapon fingers all! Asked about his master Shifu a red Panda and Kung Fu Panda,. Entertaining and inspiring movie and a must-watch not only for him to mysteriously reappear behind him his hardened! Wise Kung Fu Panda series, is a red Panda, is a red Panda the... Monkey and Viper, while separating Tigress and Mantis went from bad master shifu red panda when! While the raccoons have become a pest for some residents in North America allow! And coming for revenge the trainer of the Panda was knocked down, appearing to almost.

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