We are a full service business development firm, that has successfully developed brands, launched products and executed digital marketing campaigns for new and established companies in a wide range of categories. We work with companies eager to grow their business within the United States, the Caribbean and latin american markets.

Development ID inc. Provides a unique sales and marketing approach to assist vendors and manufacturers, improving speed to market through targeted e-commerce efforts and key accounts in an ever-increasing competitive environment. We specialize in small and medium size companies seeking to grow and expand their customer base, regional presence or business ready to take the next step?

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Sales & Marketing Solutions


Today’s demands for low cost outsourced third party services is INCREASING as the vendor community struggles to improve profitability and grow market share. Our model provides a low cost, low risk, higher success solution. Based on your company individual needs we will work on a customized program for market development, brand development, product introduction, market penetration or a combination of services to best meet your company needs.

We Offer

•Business development by strategically defining market development plans.

•Market penetration by defining product deployment and distribution strategies, prospecting and channel evaluation.

•Marketing approach by defining a brand voice as well as creative and marketing alignments.

•Social Media presence by defining Brand narratives and establishing accurate strategies per social media portal.

•E-commerce strategies , channel development and management.

•Search Engine Optimization Programs and Management.

•Web page Development and Management.




E-commerce Solutions


You have the goods… You have the products that buyers want and need… Let deal with new, emerging virtual stores and selling platforms becoming the norm for buyers, let us build more sales by placing and managing your products on a wide array of e-commerce platforms. DevelopmentID will help you increase your sales and market shares. Reach millions of new customers with marketplace listings

We Offer

•Marketplace Setup /Management Storefront And Checkout Management Product Setups

•Listing Uploads

•”Key Word” Management Inventory

•Management Warehouse And Pick & Pack Setup

•Promotions And Seasonal Sales Programs

•Customer Service Management

•Support Refund And Return Policy Management



Web Management Services


You have the trademark… You have the commercial name… Let development id help with the exposure and the presence on the world wide web! With search engine, metrics and interface programs… We know the back bone of surfing the web, let development id give your company and brand the web prominence it deserves!

We Offer

•Web Page Design And Management Web Stores Setup

•Management Define Brand Voice

•Creative Alignment Social Media Page Design

•Management Platform Segmentation

•Programing And Monitoring S.e.o Strategy Setup

•Management Google Adwords Setup

•Management Facebook & Twitter Ad Campaign

•Blog Management



Trade Shows 

You own the Brand… You have the product… Let Development ID Inc. help you with your Brand awareness! Media Outreach, Bloggers, Trade shows… those platforms we are familiar with; Let Development ID Inc. give your Brand the exposure it deserves!

We Offer

•Social Media Strategies

•Define Brand Voice and Creative Alignment

•Establish Strategy & Defining Narratives Content Creation and Implementation

•Brand Credibility buildup amongst Industry/Trade Journalists, Bloggers & Reviewers

•Traditional Media Strategies Drafting and Distributing Press Releases Trade Show Lineup, Setup and Participation





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— Smart-Rhino

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